International Journal of Electronics & Informatics (IJEI)
Published by the Center for Natural Science & Engineering Research

ISSN: 2186-0114


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Vol. 5, No. 1:

Proof of Concept: Software Based Emulator System for Thermal Energy Harvester of Pyroelectricity
Wasim Hafiz Dipon and Shuza Binzaid

Enhancement and Segmentation of Lung CT Images for Efficient Identification of Cancerous Cells
Mushtaq Ahmad Shah, Nadeem Yousuf Khanday, Mridula Purohit, and M.H. Gulzar


Vol. 4, No. 1:

An Automated Bengali Sign Language Recognition System Based on Fingertip Finder Algorithm
Angur M. Jarman, Samiul Arshad, Nashid Alam, and Mohammed J. Islam


Vol. 3, No. 1:

Analysis of Silver and Gold Nanowires to Determine the Effect of Diameter Change on Cross-Sections and Local Electric Field Intensity
A. B. M Hasan Talukder, Md. Omar Faruk, and Shahida Rafique


Vol. 2, No. 2:

Microcontroller Based Automatic Switching Types Multi-frequency Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) System for Early Detection of Breast Cancer
Shekh Md Mahmudul Islam and Md Adnan Kiber

Design of Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems and Technical Requirements in case of Grid Failure
Md. Sazzadur Rahman, Md. Walid Islam, Imtiaz Mahmud, and Md. Mehedi Islam