International Journal of Electronics & Informatics (IJEI)
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ISSN: 2186-0114
Upcoming Special Issues:
You are welcome to offer for 'Special Issue' in the IJEI!
Please contact to the Editor-in-Chief regarding Special Issue (SI).
Note that, the review policy for SI will be the similar to any regular submission.

You should prepare a proposal where you will:
  • Specify the motivations for an SI and a tentative Title of the SI
  • List the main topics on which submissions to the SI should focus
  • Enlist the names and contacts of some of the potential contributors to the SI
  • How many submissions you plan to receive?
  • And how many papers you plan to accept?
  • And what about the expected geographical distribution of the contributors to the SI?
  • Mention the names and emails of the Guest Editors for the SI
More will be informed once you submit a proposal for SI
  • Either on a thematic issue,
  • Or on an International Conference's selected best papers.
Of course, papers submitted to the SI should be original, technically sound and focusing on the SI's topics.

Publish your works with the IJEI!

For details, mail to:
atiqahad [use@] du DOT ac DOT bd

Publish your works with the IJEI!

Best regards,

Editor-in-Chief, IJEI