International Journal of Electronics & Informatics (IJEI)
Published by the Center for Natural Science & Engineering Research


ISSN: 2186-0114


Analysis of Silver and Gold Nanowires to Determine the Effect of Diameter Change on Cross-Sections and Local Electric Field Intensity
A. B. M Hasan Talukder, Md. Omar Faruk, and Shahida Rafique
Finite Difference Time Domain analysis of metallic nanowires has been performed to determine the effect of diameter change on absorption and scattering cross-sections and on local electric field intensity. Silver and Gold nanowires have been selected for the analysis. It has been found that, for Silver nanowire of radius 35 nm, the absorption cross-section shows a peak value of about 138 nm at around 342 nm wavelength and scattering cross-section shows a peak of about 173 nm at 352 nm wavelength whereas for Gold nanowire there exists no sharp peak in any cross-section. Similar analysis has been performed for radii of 28 nm, 27 nm, 26 nm, 25 nm, 24 nm, 20 nm and 15 nm, and it has been realized that the reduction in the radius of Silver nanowire causes negligible shift in wavelength at which the absorption cross-section peak occurs while the peak for scattering cross-section shifts to lower wavelength and also reduces the scattering cross-section to values lower than the absorption cross-section. It has also been found from the local electric field intensity distribution for different radii that Gold nanowires exhibit better resonance at lower dimension than Silver nanowires.
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