International Journal of Electronics & Informatics (IJEI)
Published by the Center for Natural Science & Engineering Research


ISSN: 2186-0114


Proof of Concept: Software Based Emulator System for Thermal Energy Harvester of Pyroelectricity
Wasim Hafiz Dipon and Shuza Binzaid
All technologies have been going through evolution ever since they were developed to meet expectations of users and to meet the usability with current technologies. This paper discusses the evolution and the concept of one such software based emulation technology used for accurate emulation of pyroelectric energy harvesters. Over time the emulator system has been improved living up to the demand of more advanced and flexibility in operation In the course of this evolution several break through amendments are made in the design and implementation of the emulator system assuring best adaptation to the real world conditions. User friendliness has been vastly improved over time and flexibility in terms of range of operation is also extended significantly. All these evolutions have been necessitated by the fact that applications of pyroelectricity are rapidly placing foot holds in numerous fields of science and technology playing crucial roles in shaping futuristic technologies it is imperative to have an advanced emulator system for pyroelectric energy generators. The obstacles and challenges faced and overcame in this course of developing the digital emulation system is discussed in the paper with explicit comparisons made to illustrate the differences among the emulation modules for pyroelectric energy harvesters.
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