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International Journal of Computer Vision & Signal Processing (ISSN: 2186-1390)  

Guides for Authors:
The IJCVSP is a peer-reviewed Open Access Online journal and quality papers are welcome for the IJCVSP.
Publication of your paper to the IJCVSP is free-of-charge.
Anyone can access the published full papers without paying any charge.

Key points for authors before submitting the paper:

  • Ensure that your paper adheres to the rules and guidelines for submission to the journal.
  • Contributions should be written in English as per the Template.
  • Title does not exceed two lines in print and 150 characters (including spaces) at most,
    without any numbers, acronyms, abbreviations or punctuation [usually].
  • Page limit: 6~12 pages. If more information should be included, author can add these as
    supplementary materials (e.g., data, extra tables, methods, calculations, more images, etc.)
    and these may be uploaded online along with the paper if the reviewers agree upon to keep them.
  • References are each numbered, ordered sequentially as they appear in the text
    and should follow the formats as per the Template.
  • Figures must not be cut-n-paste and the texts inside Figures, Graphs and Tables must follow the
    Font-style of the text. Ensure clear and good quality picture in the first submission. Ensure the
    copyright from publishers or authors - if you use from other sources, with proper reference.
    Authors will be responsible for copyright of these materials. Also, ensure that the printing quality of
    your figures and graphs are understandable if one prints the paper in Black-White printer.
  • Submission & Publication method: Online. We will publish online.
  • Once the paper gets accepted, paper should be submitted as per the Final Template in LaTex format.
    Note the IJCVSP does not convert your other formats into LaTex format - so if you have DOC format and
    you are unable to convert it into LaTex format, we may arrange it through payment.
  • Copyright information: The author is responsible for obtaining copyright releases and corporate &
    security clearance issues before submitting the paper for review.
    Be careful about duplication publication and self-plagiarism and submit after considering these carefully.
    For a gross plagiarism, duplicate submission, and self-plagiarism, all of the authors of that paper will be permanently excluded from paper
    submission to the IJCVSP, as well as, IJCVSP will officially report to the respective institutes for further clarifications and other measures, decided by the committee.
  • Download the copyright form in DOC format or PDF format; sign it and submit it with your FINAL submission.