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Tutorial 1: Wireless Transmission of Big Data: A Data Oriented Approach

Presented by:
Hong-Chuan Yang, University of Victoria, Canada;
Mohamed-Slim Alouini, KAUST, Saudi Arabia

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Special Session:

SS1: Signal and Image Processing for UAVs, Drones, Self-driving Cars, and Robotics
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Special Sessions:

  1. SS1: Signal and Image Processing for UAVs, Drones, Self-driving Cars, and Robotics

    Outline: This special session will showcase recent advances on signal and image processing for UAVs, Drones, IoT, Autonomous Vehicles and Robotics. A special journal issue will be launched after the conference.
    Chowdhury Shahriar, Northrop Grumman Corporations, USA
    Email: cshahria [ATmark]
    M Ahad, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Email: atiqahad [ATmark]

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Call for Mini-Workshop (W) / Organized Session (OS) / Tutorial Session (TS) Proposals

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  • Information on possible papers, presenters and apart from papers to be presented, mention whether you will invite any speaker for the W/OS/TS. [Minimum number of papers for an OS: 4 accepted papers at least]
  • Mini-Workshop length: Half-day workshop may be allowed.
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W/OS/TS's evaluation criteria:
  • Interest on the topic
  • Evaluation on the organizers [& panel of experts reviewers for W/OS]
  • Plan of the W/OS/TS
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