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Tutorial: "Raspberry Pi for Computer Vision", PiLab Hands-on Tutorial

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Special Session: TBA

Raspberry Pi for Computer Vision, PiLab Hands-on Tutorial

Abstract: Raspberry Pi is a low-cost, open source, credit card size computer. Potential applications vary from supercomputing to the Internet of Things. The most notable feature of Raspberry Pi is its affordability. This hands-on tutorial introduces a configuration of Raspberry Pi with various cameras for computer vision applications -- a USB webcam and a dedicated camera module. We use Python and an open source library such as OpenCV and SimpleCV as the programming platform. The goal is to configure a Raspberry Pi as an IoT sensing node for various computer vision applications in a short period.
Duration: 2 hours: 1-hour tutorial + 1 hour hands-on.
Target Audiences: Scientists seeking a low-cost solution for Computer Vision framework. Participants are expected to bring in:
  • A laptop with a native Ubuntu OS installed and an Ether port. A USB Ether adapter should work if your laptop does not have it.
  • A micro SD card >=8GB.
  • A micro SD card reader - a USB card reader (recommended) or an adapter that works with an internal SD card reader on your laptop.
  • A USB webcam TO BE CONNECTED TO a Raspberry Pi.
  • A short CAT5/6 Ether cable to connect Raspberry Pi with your laptop.
  • A USB-micro USB cable and a portable power bank. Alternatively, you may feed the power from your laptop. You may share those for your smartphone in many cases.
  • Introduction to Raspberry Pi.
  • Raspberry Pi installation and configuration as a remote sensing server (IoT node).
  • Simple sensing app development -- Python with a library such as OpenCV and SimpleCV.
  • Hackathon: a simple computer vision task (TBD).
Atsushi Inoue, Ph.D.
Director of Intelligent Informatics Initiative (I3)
Professor, Eastern Washington University, USA
Short bio.: Atsushi Inoue is specialized in Artificial Intelligence at large and Fuzzy Logic in specific. He has been affiliated with top-notch industries and institutes in several countries, including Hitachi Ltd. (Japan) and Carnegie Mellon University (USA), for his specialties. He is currently home at Eastern Washington University to enjoy his life with his family in the beautiful evergreen and necessary freedom. He recently promotes Raspberry Pi for lean IT prototyping and digital entrepreneurships.



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Call for Mini-Workshop (W) / Organized Session (OS) / Tutorial Session (TS) Proposals

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