Instructions for Camera-ready Submission

  • Read the instructions from this file.
  • Add 'Contribution-- ' in a short sentence juat after the Abstract.
  • Add the copyright notice to the bottom of the first page of your source document, before creating PDF. Visit the above file.
  • Please do NOT add any conference-related section/name or page number at the Header/Footer of your paper.
  • Use the IEEE PDF eXpress Plus site to validate their papers. If your paper is NOT validated by IEEE PDF eXpress site, your paper will NOT be approved by IEEE Xplore and the conference authority will be unable to manage it (as it is IEEE's regulation). Details are in the above file, or:
    • Creating your PDF eXpress Account: Log in to the IEEE PDF eXpress site
    • First-time users should do the following:
      • Select the New Users - Click Here link.
      • Enter the following: 52578X for the Conference ID, your email address, and a password.
      • Continue to enter information as prompted.
      • An Online confirmation will be displayed and an email confirmation will be sent verifying your account setup.
  • Other points: IEEE PDF compliance, etc.
    • Step 1. Check IEEE PDF file compliance by IEEE PDF eXpress Plus.
    • Step 2. Submit the final paper through Microsoft CMT [using the same ID you have used in your 1st submission] - after confirming the IEEE PDF check (else, the paper will NOT be included in the IEEE eXplorer, hence, ensure that your paper PDF is IEEE compliant).
    • Step 3. Submit Copyright (details below).
    • Step 4. Pay registration fee for each paper [details in the Registration Link] and fill the form in that page.
    • Step 5. Plan to attend the conference! Looking forward to see you soon. For accommodation & travel information - visit Travel Information.

Submit the final paper - after confirming the IEEE PDF check (else, the paper will not be included in the IEEE eXplorer) to Microsoft CMT - as before during the 1st submission:
Visit CMT and submit the Final Paper. No need to delete previous paper.
Please ensure that you update the CMT properly with all authors, their emails, affiliations, etc. - exactly as these are mentioned in the paper in PDF. We will use these information for any printed proceedings, final program, awards, certificates, etc. - and we will not use the information from the PDF for these purposes. Hence, ensure that you update the CMT information when you submit your final version. Please try several times and read CMT's instructions before you mail for any query - as these are simple to do! Thank you for your patience.


Media Type ISBN
XPLORE COMPLIANT 978-1-6654-4923-6
USB 978-1-6654-4922-9
Print 978-1-6654-4921-2

Regarding Submission:

  • Paper submission through Paper Submission Link.
  • Authors can submit directly to International Journal of Computer Vision & Signal Processing (IJCVSP), and if a paper is accepted by 30 May, then authors can present the paper in the conference, while publishing it in this journal. And the presented paper will not be in IEEE. However, the Abstract will be published in the printed proceedings. IJCVSP is FREE to publish & access. (The concept is similar to the IMWUT journal by ACM - for the ACM UbiComp conference.)
  • Select track: ICIEV.
  • Paper Template: A paper MUST follow the IEEE Paper Template: MSWord / LaTeX (Unix (TAR.GZ)) / LaTeX (Windows (ZIP)).
  • Page limit: Regular Manuscript should be within 6~8 pages. However, maximum 2 additional pages will be allowed at an extra charge (visit registration page). Paper having less than 6 pages will not be considered.
  • File size: Files larger than 5 Mb are not preferred. For any uploading problem, please contact us.
  • If a paper is not according to the template, or, within page length, then it will not be reviewed and will be rejected.
  • Submission is double-blind: so authors MUST NOT add any authors or affiliations or acknowledgement in the manuscript. You can only add in the final camera-ready submission.
  • You MUST ensure that ALL authors are properly included in the CMT with appropriate email addresses during 1st submission. You can NOT change any author - once you submit. All certificates, proceedings, etc. will be based on the input in the CMT [not on your PDF file]. Therefore, you must make sure that you submit properly.
  • Students MUST ensure that you have proper authority or permission to submit your paper. We received few cases, where supervisors were discarded as authors, in some papers! So, make sure that you do these properly.
  • You must NOT cut&paste images or equations or tables from your another paper/thesis or other sources. If you need to do for some cases, you MUST cite the references properly and must ensure that these are in good quality/resolution.
  • Visit MicrosoftResearch's CMT for paper submission and log-in.
  • If you are a new user, then 'Sign Up' - by clicking 'Sign up' button in that site. Follow steps by clicking 'Next' from bottom-right...
  • Follow the steps and 'Finish' the sign up!
  • Then 'Log-in' for paper submission. Click 'Create a new paper submisison' to submit your paper.
  • Follow and fill appropriately and finally 'Browse'. Use only *.PDF format your paper to 'Upload' and submit!
  • Follow the same procedure to submit more paper with the same user ID.
Paper status will be confirmed after your paper will be reviewed by 3 blind-reviewers [usually, at least 2 reviewers].

Revision Submission and Author Feedback / Rebuttal:

Visit paper submission link that you used Paper Submission Link and follow the instructions Make sure that you RENAME the submission PDF file as mentioned there. Revised papers will be evaluated based on the Author Feedback and then, the final decision will be informed. Then we will open the Camera-ready FINAL Submission option. Both online / in-person presentation options will be available due to the pandemic.

We are cordially waiting for your participation!!