Towards Vision- & Signal-based Applications (TVSA)
with the Second International Conference on Robot, Vision and Signal Processing, 2013!

Travel Information

1. Visa; 2. Access; 3. Hotel; 4. Attraction/Tourism info.

Venue: Kitakyushu, Fukuoka, Japan

Access to the Venue:

  • By Air: Use Kitakyushu International Airport or Fukuoka Airport
  • By Bullet Train (Shinkansen): Use Kokura station

1. Regarding Japanese Visa:

Please visit the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan ( to check if you need a visa to attend the conference.
If you need a visa, please follow the following steps - so that we can issue the Invitation Letter for temporary visitor visa application in your country: Complete the registration and pay the registration fee, and mail us, with a title as - "For Visa - need invitation letter".

2. Access to the Venue:

  • From Fukuoka International Airport:
      1. Take the FukuokaCity Airport Line subway and get off at 'Hakata' station.
         2. Transfer to JR Kagoshima Line bound for Mojiko and get off at 'Kokura'.
  • From Kitakyushu Domestic Airport:
         1. Take the bus bound for 'Kokura Ekimae' And get off at 'Kokura Ekimae' bus stop
          For other route search, please use this English site:

3. Hotel Information (price may vary from time to time):

Comfort hotel Kokura North:  (From JPY 4,400, 3 mins walk from Kokura station)  
Station Hotel Kokura:  (From JPY 6000, Inside Kokura station)
Kitakyushu Dai-ichi Hotel: (From JPY 1995, 12 mins walk from Kokura station)
Nishitest Inn Kokura: (From JPY 4500, 4 mins walk from Kokura station)

For other nearby hotels, click here.

4. Attractions/Tourism:

Kitakyushu city and its closest Shimonoseki city, Fukuoka city and near-by places have plenty of wonderful places for various age-groups - from natural wonders and beauties, to history, culture and food, in order to spend wonderful time here! We will provide travel info, maps, discount tickets, etc. during the conference. For details, visit a bit!
  • Mojiko Retro Town [rickshaw tour through old streets, excellent view, Kanmon bridge, retro line, blue wing drawbridge, observation room/tower, Mojiko JR station]
  • Castle Town Kokura! [Kokura castle, Japanese Garden, River-walk shopping mall, Tanga market, downtown Kokura, Chacha Town, Uomachi shopping arcade, museum, Zoo, etc.]
  • Yahata Higashida! [Cable car, ropeway upto the top of highest point - sarakura Mountain - enjoy the awesome evening and night view from the top of the mountain; Kitakyushu Museum of Natural History and Human History; Innovation Gallery and Studio; Environment Museum; Sapce World - the World's 1st ever space theme park; JICA center; AEON shopping center, etc.]
  • Kawachi - Hiraodai Limestone Plateau [Several wonderful limestone caves; Haraodai countryside park; Calcareous cave; Hiraodai Nature Observation Center; Kawachi hot spring; Ajisai Hot spring; Kawachi reservoir; Sugao Falls; etc.]
  • Kitakyushu Int. Airport in artificial island! Lovely view around
  • Wakamatsu coastline [Wakato brdige; ferry; Senjojiki Rocks and the Myokenzaki lighthouse; Iwaya beach and many other coastal views; Sone tidelands; Oma bamboo park; Windmills; eco-town; Green Park - tropical garden, flowers, animals, Kangaroos, butter-flies, birds, lake with boats...!]
  • Eco-Town tour! visit
  • A number of Universities to visit and make collaborations [Kyushu Institute of Technology - 3 campuses; Kitakyushu University - 2 campuses; Kitakyushu International University; Waseda University - Wakamatsu campus; etc.]
  • Shimonoseki city - just the other side of the Mojiko retro area [you can go by Ferry or car or, walk under the sea by a tunnel!]. Shimonoseki city in Yamaguchi prefacture is another wonderful place to move around. Start with Akama shrine - a colorful lovely place; visit the acquirium; enjoy fresh kaikten/train-sushi; use speed-boat to visit an island near-by and return; etc.
  • Fukuoka city has many lovely places to visit - from Hakata area to Tenjin area to the Botanical Graden, Zoo, the National Museum, etc.
During the conference, we will provide materials and some possible route plan to cover from one place to another. If you want to take any tour agent to move around by yourself, we can inform about them. Note that Japan is a highly secured place, and September with a lenghty sunshine - you can enjoy and learn from this lovely place! Anything missing!!! Sure! Search web for more info...

We are cordially waiting for your participation!!