Short-listed papers were anonymized, then scored (1 to 5) by non-conflicted experts (total 28 voters)!

(Best Paper) 208: Triplet Network with Multi-level Feature Fusion for Object Tracking
(Excellent Paper) 21: Object Detection in 3D Point Clouds via Local Correlation-Aware Point Embedding
(Excellent Paper) 176: Deep Learning Based Surface EMG Hand Gesture Classification for Low-Cost Myoelectric Prosthetic Hand
(Excellent Paper) 18: Multi-Level Feature and Context Pyramid Network for Object Detection
(Women in Engineering Award) 214: Stain-Refinement and Boundary-Enhancement Weight Maps for Multi-organ Nuclei Segmentation
(Work-in-progress Paper Award) 59: Data Driven Analysis of the Behaviour of Elderly People Using k-Means and Home Automation and Power Consumption Sensors

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