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Keynote Speaker:

#Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Fellow, IEEE
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA
TITLE: Addressing spectrum scarcity through hybrid optical and radio-frequency wireless networks
#Kenichi Kanatani, Fellow, IEEE
Okayama University, Japan
TITLE: Ellipse Fitting for Computer Vision
#Makoto Kaneko, FIEEE, JSME Fellow, RSJ Fellow, SICE Fellow
Osaka University, Japan
TITLE: "Beyond Human Technology" Opens A New World
#King Ngi Ngan, FIEEE, FIET, FIEAsut
National Thousand Talents Program Chair Professor

University of Science and Technology of China, China
TITLE: Object Segmentation and Its Visual Quality Assessment for Images
#Yasushi Yagi, IPSJ Fellow
Vice-President, Osaka University, Japan
TITLE: Human Gait Analysis
#Takeshi Yamakawa, Fellow, IEEE
Fuzzy Logic Systems Institute, Japan; Former Vice-President, Sojo University, Japan
TITLE: Identifying and Handling a Biological Cell by Employing Dielectrophoresis
#Shinichi Yoshiya, MD
Dept. of Orthopaedic Surgery, Hyogo College of Medicine, Japan
TITLE: Management of sports-related musculoskeletal problems

Invited Speaker:

#M Julius Hossain
European Molecular Biology Lab (EMBL), Germany
#Sozo Inoue
Kyushu Institute of Technology, Japan
#A.K.M. Mahfuzul Islam
Institute of Industrial Science, The University of Tokyo, Japan
#MAS Kamal
Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia
#Md Tawidul Islam Khan
Saga University, Japan
#Syoji Kobashi, SMIEEE
Director, Advanced Medical Engineering Center (AMEC), University of Hyogo, Japan
#Yasushi Makihara
Osaka University, Japan
#Norliza Mohd Noor, SMIEEE
UTM Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Malaysia
#Tan Chee Pin, SMIEEE
Monash University Malaysia, Malaysia
#Kenji Suzuki
Illinois Institute of Technology, USA
#Naohisa Takagaki
University of Hyogo, Japan
#Rin-ichiro Taniguchi
Kyushu University, Japan
#Pavel Vlasanek
Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic

Special Session / Tutorial:

How to submit in SS?:
Click THIS for Special Session - then, click + Create new submission, then select "IVPR: Imaging, Vision & Pattern Recognition" track, then select your Special Session from "SUBJECT AREAS".

  • Tutorial: "Raspberry Pi for Computer Vision", PiLab Hands-on Tutorial.
    Speaker: Atsushi Inoue, Ph.D.
    Director of Intelligent Informatics Initiative (I3)
    Professor, Eastern Washington University, USA
  • Tutorial: "Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA) in 5G and Beyond in the Era of Spectrum Scarcity"
    Speaker: S.M. Riazul Islam, Ph.D.
    Assistant Professor, Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
    Sejong University, South Korea
  • Special Session: SS1 Advanced Sensors and Systems for Health Care Applications
    Organizer: VR Singh, FIEEE, National Physical Laboratory, India
  • Special Session: SS2 Deep learning for pattern recognition
    Organizer: Norliza Mohd Noor, UTM Razak School of Engineering and Advanced Technology, Malaysia
  • Special Session: SS3 Recent advances in Digital Oilfield - Technologies & Applications
    Organizer: Iakov Korovin, Southern Federal University, Russia
    Gerald Schaefer, Loughborough University, UK
  • Special Session: SS4 Data for Policy and Public Good
    Organizer: Moinul Zaber, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Special Session: SS5 Tissue Engineering and Bioartificial Organ System
    Organizer: Azizi Miskon, National Defence University of Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Special Session: SS6 Advanced Image Recognition and its Application
    Organizer: Masakazu Morimoto, University of Hyogo, Japan
    Teijiro Isokawa, University of Hyogo, Japan
  • Special Session: SS7 Generative Adversarial Neural Networks
    Organizer: Nabeel Mohammed, North South University, Bangladesh
  • Special Session: SS8 Signal Processing for Biomedical and Industrial Applications
    Organizer: Md. T. I. Khan, Saga University, Japan
  • Special Session: SS9 Soft computing for image processing and pattern searching
    Organizer: Pavel Vlasanek, University of Ostrava, Czech Republic
  • Special Session: SS10 Software Engineering for Quality Assurance
    Organizer: B M Mainul Hossain, Shah Mostafa Khaled, Md. Rayhanur Rahman, Nadia Nahar, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh
  • Special Session: SS11 Signal and Image Processing for UAVs, Drones, Self-driving Cars, and Robotics
    Organizer: Chowdhury Shahriar, Northrop Grumman Corporations, USA
    M Ahad, University of Dhaka, BD
  • Special Session: SS12 Advanced Electro Active Polymer Materials and its Application
    Organizer: SRIJAN BHATTACHARYA, RCC Institute of Information Technology, India
  • Special Session: SS13 Advancements and Applications of Embedded Systems
    Organizer: Mohamad Khairi Ishak, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Special Session: SS14 Brain Signal Processing
    Organizer: Omar Farooq, Aligarh Muslim University, India
  • Special Session: SS15 Artificial Intelligence in Distance Education
    Organizer: M. Ali Akber Dewan, Athabasca University, Canada
  • Special Session: SS16 Biomedical Image Analysis
    Organizer: Julius Hossain, European Molecular Biology Laboratory, Germany

Student Conference (SC):

  • Promising papers can be submitted to SC - so that authors can present in Interactive Poster Presentation during the conference, can have the great opportunity to listen from a good no. of Keynote and Invited Speakers, make networking and learn from others.
  • Paper submission: 2~6 pages in IEEE format.
  • Mention 'SC: ' at the beginning of your TITLE.
  • These papers will NOT be in in IEEE Xplore, but you have to present your paper in the conference. A panel of top experts will judge various best papers under different categories. They will also help the researchers to work better. The purpose is to allow young researchers to have exposure and learning.
  • Certificates for all papers.
  • Some papers from regular submission may be forwarded to SCIEV based on quality & originality.
  • Journal Issue: Some papers will be selected for Int. Journal of Electronics & Informatics (IJEI) (ISSN: 2186-0114).

Special Issue in Journals [more to be added]:


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    Media Type ISBN
    XPLORE COMPLIANT 978-1-5386-5163-6
    USB 978-1-5386-5162-9
    Print 978-1-5386-5161-2

    IEEE PDF eXpress : Use 43342XP for the Conference ID.
  • Attention: Before you submit your paper, authors are requested to read on dual-submission / plagiarism: CLICK!

  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE Computer Society
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE SMC TC on Visual Analytics and Communication
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE SMC TC on Medical Informatics
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE CIS Task Force on Fuzzy Logic in Medical Sciences
  • Organizer: Center for Natural Science & Engineering Research

  • Introduction:

    Welcome to the Joint 2018 7th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV) & 2nd International Conference on Imaging, Vision & Pattern Recognition (icIVPR)! IEEE and IEEE Computer Society: Technical Co-sponsor - similar to previous conferences! So accepted & presented papers will be sent to be archived in .
    The ICIEV & icIVPR provide vibrant opportunities for researchers, industry practitioners and students to share their research experiences, research results, ideas, review of various aspects and practical development experiences on Informatics, Electronics, Computer Vision and related fields. Through various presentations from peer-reviewed accepted papers, Special Talks and networking - the ICIEV & icIVPR provide the avenue to share knowledge, make networks, and develop a community for the new researchers - based on the experiences of experts. The ICIEV & icIVPR will open doors for challenging research areas for future.

    The ICIEV & icIVPR welcome you to be part of it - through offering Special Session, Tutorial, Workshop, Special Talk, Panel Discussion, and through submitting your research paper on and related arenas!

    Major Topics of Interest:

    • Computer Vision
    • Image Processing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Machine Learning
    • Medical Image Processing
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Remote Sensing & Geoscience
    • Biomedical Systems, Applications in Medicine
    • Robotics & Mechatronics
    • Automation & Control Systems
    • Biometrics
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • Vehicular Electrotechnology
    • Cybernetics
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Soft Computing
    • Fuzzy systems
    • Signal Processing


    Kitakyushu International Convention Center, Kokura, Kitakyushu, Japan

    Don't miss this opportunity to attend this conference! For any query, please write to us.