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No-show papers will not be sent to IEEE Xplore. See you in the conference.

Welcome to the 6th International Conference on Informatics, Electronics & Vision (ICIEV) & 7th International Symposium in Computational Medical and Health Technology (ISCMHT)! IEEE & IEEE Computer Society are the Technical Co-sponsor & hence, papers will be sent to archive in .

Keynote Speaker:

#Mohamed-Slim Alouini, Fellow, IEEE
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, KSA

#Toshio Fukuda, Fellow, IEEE
Nagoya University, Japan

#Takamichi Murakami
Kindai University Faculty of Medicine, JAPAN
Title: Advanced CT and MR imaging for improving diagnosis and treatment quality

#Anton Nijholt
University of Twente, The Netherlands

#V.R. Singh, Life Fellow, IEEE
National Physical Laboratory, India
Title: Advance U-health Care Systems

#Yasushi Yagi
Vice-President, Osaka University, Japan

Invited Speaker:

#Shoji Hirano
Shimane University, School of Medicine, JAPAN
Title: Towards knowledge discovery from heterogeneous time-series medical databases

#Koichiro Kato
Mizuho Information and Research Institute, Inc., Tokyo, JAPAN
Title: Modeling of Nano-Bio Interfaces based on Atomic Scale Simulations

#Naoyuki Kubota
Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan

#Koji Murai
Kobe University, JAPAN
Title: The Application to Maritime Society of the Patch-type Device

#Kyoko Namura
Kyoto University, JAPAN
Title: Microfluidic Manipulation Based on Thermoplasmonic Marangoni Effect

#Kazunori Nozaki
Osaka University Dental Hospital, Dental Informatics, JAPAN
Title: Human Fricatives

#Gerald Schaefer
Loughborough University, UK

#Stephen Shervais
Eastern Washington University, USA
Title: Validation of a health education model: a hybrid approach

#Ruri Shoji
Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, JAPAN

#Chao-Cheng Wu
Taipei Tech, Taipei, Taiwan
Title: Recent Advance in HYPERSPECTRAL Sensors and Applications

#Naomi Yagi
Hyogo College of Medicine, JAPAN, Kyoto University, JAPAN
Title: Investigation on Swallowing Disorder in Biometric Data Measurement

Special Session - Under "Imaging & Vision" track:

  • Special Session: DPPG: Data for Policy and Public Good
  • Special Session: TEBOS: Tissue Engineering and Bioartificial Organ System
  • Special Session: CIHSA: Computational Intelligence for Health-care Systems and Applications
  • Special Session: DO: Digital Oilfield
  • Special Session: MLMIA: Machine Learning for Medical Image Analysis and Computer Vision
  • Special Session: BHR: Recent Trends on Hand-writing Recognition

Student Conf. on IEV (SCIEV):

  • Promising papers can be submitted to SCIEV - so that authors can present in Interactive Poster Presentation during the conference, can have the great opportunity to listen from a good no. of Keynote and Invited Speakers, make networking and learn from others.
  • Paper submission is similar to the ICIEV, covering 4~6 pages in IEEE format.
  • Mention 'SCIEV' at the beginning of your TITLE.
  • These papers will NOT be in in IEEE Xplore, but you have to present your paper in the conference. A panel of top experts will judge various best papers under different categories. They will also help the researchers to work better. The purpose is to allow young researchers to have exposure and learning.
  • Certificates for all papers.
  • Some papers from regular submission may be forwarded to SCIEV based on quality & originality.
  • Journal Issue: Some papers will be selected for Int. Journal of Electronics & Informatics (IJEI) (ISSN: 2186-0114).

Special Issue in Journals [more to be added]:


  • Attention: Before you submit your paper, authors are requested to read on dual-submission / plagiarism: CLICK!

  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE Computer Society
  • Technical Co-sponsor: IEEE Technical Committee on Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence
  • Co-organizer: The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers
  • Technical Co-sponsor: The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers (IEICE)
  • Technical Co-sponsor: The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan (IEEJ)
  • Technical Co-sponsor: The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME)
  • Technical Co-sponsor: Japan Institute of Navigation (JIN)
  • Technical Co-sponsor: MobileRGO
  • Technical Co-sponsor: Japan Ergonomics Society (JES)
  • Technical Co-sponsor: Human Interface Society (HIS)
  • Co-sponsor: University of Hyogo
  • Organizer: Center for Natural Science & Engineering Research

  • Introduction:

    The ICIEV & ISCMHT provide vibrant opportunities for researchers, industry practitioners and students to share their research experiences, research results, ideas, review of various aspects and practical development experiences on Informatics, Electronics, Computer Vision and related fields. Through various presentations from peer-reviewed accepted papers, Special Talks and networking - the ICIEV & ISCMHT provide the avenue to share knowledge, make networks, and develop a community for the new researchers - based on the experiences of experts. The ICIEV & ISCMHT will open doors for challenging research areas for future.

    The ICIEV and ISCMHT welcome you to be part of it - through offering Special Session, Tutorial, Workshop, Special Talk, Panel Discussion, and through submitting your research paper on and related arenas!

    Major Topics of Interest in 4 Tracks (not restricted to):

      Track: Imaging & Vision
    • Computer Vision
    • Image Processing
    • Pattern Recognition
    • Machine Learning
    • Medical Image Processing
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Remote Sensing & Geoscience
    • Biomedical Systems, Applications in Medicine
    • Robotics & Mechatronics
    • Automation & Control Systems
    • Biometrics
    • Intelligent Transportation Systems
    • Vehicular Electrotechnology
    • Cybernetics
    • Computational Intelligence
    • Soft Computing
    • Fuzzy systems
    • Signal Processing
    • Track: Electronics
    • Electronic Devices
    • Photovoltaics
    • Optoelectronics & Photonics
    • Renewable Energy
    • Smart Grid and Sustainable Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
    • Environmental Engineering and Green Technology
    • Antennas and Wireless Propagation
    • Electronics
    • Electronic Systems
    • Circuits and Systems
    • Industry Application
    • Sensors & Embedded Systems
    • VLSI
    • Nanotechnology
      Track: Informatics
    • Computer Networking
    • Communication Systems
    • Information Theory
    • Mobile Computing
    • Informatics & IT
    • Computer & Information Systems
    • Multimedia
    • e-Governance
    • Open Gov Data (including Big Data) Visualization
    • Educational Technology, Engineering Education
    • Technology's Impacts on Society
    • Technology Management
    • Software Engineering
    • High-Performance Low-Power Computing
    • Cloud Computing
    • Engineering for Unreached People
      Track: Medical Health & Tech
    • Engineering in Biology & Health Science
    • Healthcare Technology
    • Medical Health
    • Medical Informatics


    University of Hyogo (Hyogo kenritsu daigaku), Himeji, Japan.
    Address: Japan, Postcode: 671-2280, Hyogo Prefecture, Himeji, Shosha, 2167
    Phone: +81 79-267-4806

    Don't miss this opportunity to attend this conference! For any query, please write to us.

    More on partners and keynote/invited speaker of previous ICIEV series are available in Sponsors