Call for Mini-Workshop (W) / Organized Session (OS) / Tutorial Session (TS) Proposals

Organized Session (OS):

OS1: Computational Intelligence for Quality of Life Innovative Research

Quality of Life (QOL) is an important factor to discuss the recent society. To improve the QOL significantly, we desire novel methods. Computational intelligence (CI) techniques will play the fundamental role. This special session aims to gather researchers to discuss the state of the arts CI and its applications to QOL innovative researches. The topics will include
  • Soft computing,
  • Medical and healthcare applications,
  • Computer simulation,
  • Computer-aided diagnosis,
  • Super aging problem,
  • but not limited.
Masakazu Morimoto, University of Hyogo, JAPAN
Syoji Kobashi, University of Hyogo, JAPAN

OS2: High-Performance Power-Aware Computing Techniques for Multicore Architectures

New improved high performance computing systems are required to simulate massively parallel large-scale to exascale problems. Recently, power aware 'green' technology is getting more attention than ever before in order to protect the Earth from 'climate change' by saving energy. This special session invites original new research findings, outcomes, and contributions covering the following important topics:
  • High performance computing,
  • Power aware computing systems,
  • Multicore architectures,
  • Concurrent and parallel computing,
  • Multithreaded programming, and
  • Inter-disciplinary research (all of the above and more)
Abu Asaduzzaman, Wichita State University, USA

OS3: Biomedical Imaging and Related Information Technology

The main objective of the session is to focus on the technology accumulation, information and propagation about the latest advancements in the fields of biomedical imaging, diagnostics as well as bioinformatics. Authors are gratefully encouraged to deliver their new developments to the concerned delegates and the participants of the session for the overall satisfaction of the conference.
Md. T. I. Khan, Saga University, JAPAN

OS4: Healthcare for Unreached / Aging Society

Works related to healthcare for unreached or aging society are cordially welcomed to submit. For any query, please contact the following organizer of this special session.
Ashir Ahmed, Kyushu University, JAPAN

Call for Mini-Workshop (W) / Organized Session (OS) / Tutorial Session (TS) Proposals

We welcome you to organize Mini-Workshop / Organized Session / Tutorial Session in the ICIEV!

The aim of a W/OS/TS is to provide a complementary flavor to the regular sessions and should include hot topics of interest to the ICIEV areas/topics that may also go beyond disciplines traditionally represented at the ICIEV.

Proposal Submission:
Prospective organizers of W/OS/TS should submit proposals with the info below:
  • Title of the W/OS/TS:
  • Objective of the W/OS/TS: Define & explain - how the W/OS/TS will be different/related from the subjects covered by the regular sessions.
  • Name of the W/OS/TS organizers and short profiles of them.
  • Information on possible papers, presenters and apart from papers to be presented, mention whether you will invite any speaker for the W/OS/TS. [Minimum number of papers for an OS: 4 accepted papers at least]
  • Mini-Workshop length: Half-day workshop may be allowed.
Email atiqahad [AT-MARK] with your proposal.

W/OS/TS's evaluation criteria:
  • Interest on the topic
  • Evaluation on the organizers [& panel of experts reviewers for W/OS]
  • Plan of the W/OS/TS
All papers presented in the W/OS will be included in the Conference Proceedings. Therefore, all papers must submit according to the instructions of the ICIEV.
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