Important Note:
Please submit your original & unpublished works. During the submission, mention all authors, their valid email addresses. No dual-submission [i.e., the same/similar paper can not be submitted to another conference or journal during the period of review of ICEAB], no self-plagiarism, and no plagiarism. The Disciplinary Committee is strict about academic morality.
Steps for initial submission [no submission will be processed if it is sent by email]:
  • Visit CMT page for paper submission and log-in.
  • If you are a new user, then 'Sign Up' - by clicking 'Sign up' button in that site. Follow steps by clicking 'Next' from bottom-right...
  • Follow the steps and 'Finish' the sign up!
  • Then 'Log-in' for paper submission. Click 'Create a new paper submisison' to submit your paper.
  • Follow and fill appropriately and finally 'Browse'. Use only *.PDF format for your paper to 'Upload' and submit!
  • Follow the same procedure to submit more paper with the same user ID.
Paper status will be confirmed after all papers are reviewed.

We are cordially waiting for your participation!!

Some frequently asked questions regarding Submission:
  • Paper size: The paper size: Must Follow the template above.
  • Paper format: Two-column format as per the template above.
  • Page limit: Manuscript can be of 3~4 pages. Maximum 2 additional pages will be allowed at an extra charge (US$50 for one extra page).
  • PDF file: Submit PDF file. Files larger than 2 Mb are not prefered. For any uploading problem, please contact us.

For Final PAPER SUBMISSION: submit (final paper + copyright form + registration payment info)

Instructions for Final Paper Submission:

  • Visit for Final Paper Submission. Replace your initial submission [that you have submitted for review process] with Final Manuscript. Please make sure that you consider every comment from the reviewers and improve your paper. The final paper must be according to the TEMPLATE of the ICEAB. Submit the final paper as DOC format only.
  • You MUST sign the Visit Copyright Form and submit to the above website as Supplementary File.
  • You MUST finish your early-bird registration so that your paper can be considered for the Proceedings [to be printed and online] as well as Presentation during the conference. Visit Registration page for details. Once you finish the registration payment, inform us that you have -
    • Submitted the Final Paper as per the Template and as per the instructions of the Reviewers;
    • Submitted the Singed Copyright form; &
    • Paid the Registration Fee & informed the Secretary about this.
  • If you need Invitation Letter for applying for Visa - then please inform us ahead as it may take time to get visa. For details on accommodation and venue, visit Travel Information Page.